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Thread: Trap Mania for EDM Trap Lovers

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    Default Trap Mania for EDM Trap Lovers

    Who likes Trap Music raise your hands up !!! :P
    Trap Mania Youtube Channel for Trap maniacs, part of the AllMusicMania Network brings you the latest Trap, twerk, festival trap, hybrid, chill & liquid trap music.

    Daily uploads !

    Also promote young producers , just hit the submission form if you're talented, and your track will be up to Trap Mania channel.

    If you like it, SUBSCRIBE ! Give me a reason to keep uploading daily good stuff for Trap listeners !

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    For others like me who're ignorant of this genre/sub-genre: and about that 808 mentioned: I'm no fan of anything that glamorizes hard-core-drug dealing and this arose from that. What it is today is of no moment to me but it sure has plenty of fans.
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