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    Well, I just was asked to tell, WHICH MUSIC I LIKE... - This is a question, which simply can not be answered. - Because If it is MUSIC, I just like it, as I like all the colours and facettes of life and the globe. Of course i simply ignore that NOISE, which nowadays is often sold as "Music".

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    Welcome to MD.....

    So what music do you like?????

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    I wouldn't say that's an impossible or unanswerable question--well, maybe for small minds, it is. For the folks who migrate here, it's dead simple--cruise though our Forums, find a title that intrigues, and get busy. Even at my geezer age, I still get amazed. Don't let anyone shape your taste--if it has emotional resonance, it's your music. Oh and BTW, this Board is very much a 2-way street--what do you think we should know about/hear? "Sharing is caring".
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