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Thread: Bossa Nova Covers - Easy Listening - Background Music

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    Default Bossa Nova Covers - Easy Listening - Background Music

    This topic is to compilate music for relaxation, dinner time, a glass of wine with a new date.
    This kind of music that makes you relax and feel confortable in any situation.
    Here is one example:
    Post your's!

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    Click on the YT logo, then "Show More" for track and artist listing. As I've said before, my all time fave album is Stan Getz/Charlie Byrd Jazz Samba--real jazz, real Latin, from 1962.
    BTW there's a ton of these hour+ vids on YouTube. Made by the Brazil Bossa Studio:
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    Default More Relaxing Bossa Music

    Thanks jazz I found a plenty of videos.
    If anyone found other channels share with us.

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