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    J.O.B Biography
    J.O.B Artist Biography

    J.O.B is a Zambian Producer, Rapper and Songwriter.
    He rose to fame with his debut single entitled "Going higher" in 2010, which he followed up with chart topping releases like, "Hallelujah", "Leya", "Sinipenda", "Julia" and "Help me lord". latest releases include "Cadre", "Bring The Bream"

    and the critically acclaimed 10 track Hip hop, Alt, Pbrnb and mix tape called "Its Just A Mixtape" available on amazon.

    Described as, "catchy, humorous and yet mature"- Times Of Zambia. After releasing the critically acclaimed.

    He has just Released a smasher called "Ulemu" (Fwaka Ikapaka) as one of the two singles off the Midas compilation album.

    J.O.B fell in love with music at an early age and began rapping and producing in 2006. He joined Blazar Studios in 2008, under the mentor-ship of Ben Blazar (Zambia's Producer of the year, 2013-2014). He has recorded and released multiple chart topping singles since, creating a great following for himself in Zambia.

    Today J.O.B performs on stages all across Zambia and southern Africa and continues to pioneer Zambian music with his unique sound and creativity.

    J.O.B dreams of inspiring people through music and song, and one day bringing his music to the international stage. Meantime he shall continue to bring smiles to the faces of music enthusiasts across the Southern Hemisphere.

    BnB Management(2015)
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