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Thread: Pianist Adam Andrews Knows Exactly What He Wants To Do And Then Does It

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    Default Pianist Adam Andrews Knows Exactly What He Wants To Do And Then Does It

    It is always a pleasure to hear a musician, especially someone playing solo, who knows exactly what they are doing. When they compose their music, they have definite ideas to impart, no doodling. Such is the case with pianist Adam Andrews. He has a new album, A THOUSAND SPRINGS. This is definitely full of strong music worth seeking out.

    He does not simply play the melody with his right hand while his left makes rhythmic chords. No, he keeps things interesting by keeping both hands active, meaning both are often playing complimentary, intermingling lead lines, or cross or counter-melodies, however you want to describe it. The bottom-line is that it keeps the listener tuned in and anxious to hear what he will being doing next.

    This is top-quality solo piano all-instrumental music that would have sounded great back in Bach’s day but goes over equally well in today’s contemporary, progressive marketplace. That is to say this music has a timeless feel to it and it will surely be equally as valid decades from now.

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    Not being snotty but I recommend when mentioning an artist, add impact with an accompanying link. Here's one such for this gent (and he's everything you said--thanks for sharing). << Feel free to cut in more tunes.
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