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    uh, no comment

    from music-news

    Lady Gaga had a journalist thrown out of a press conference after she 'insulted her vagina'.

    The 'Poker Face’ singer was promoting her new range of headphones in Berlin, Germany, when a reporter decided to quiz her on rumours she has both male and female sex organs.

    As the musician showed off the line of headphones, Collien Fernandes – who is a presenter for German TV channel 'Viva’ - stood up and said: 'I love your Marc Jacobs outfit, you look great. I do have one question for you though – have you got a penis or not?'

    A furious Lady Gaga hit back: 'My wonderful vagina is very insulted by this question.'

    She then demanded Collien be removed from the press conference, and bodyguards were quick to haul the TV presenter out.

    Collien later said: 'I don't really understand the fuss. It's obvious someone would ask her this question after the picture was all over the news.'

    Lady Gaga has been plagued by rumours she is a hermaphrodite after a video of her performing appeared to show an unsightly bulge in her costume.

    The latest incident comes just days after the 23-year-old star was forced to deny the rumours on an Australian radio show.

    Insisting the speculation was beyond a joke, Lady Gaga - whose real name is Stefani Germanotta - said: 'It's too low brow for me to even discuss. I've made fun of it before but to talk about it is ridiculous."

    Russell Brand made reference to the rumours while hosting the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), saying: 'If I pulled her pants down and found a little something extra there. I would hang my hat on it.'
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    What a plonk. I also read in the paper today that she faked her own death on stage. Obviously a publicity stunt.

    Although 'Poker Face' is addictive to listen to.
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    if your talking about the wma performance she dindt fake her death it was all a part of the performance..

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