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Thread: Cornelius Boon saxophonist???

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    Default Cornelius Boon saxophonist???

    i visited my dad in hospital yeasterday and there was a guy in the next room who my dad had been talking to a guy called Cornelius Boon....
    he,by coincidence, lives only a couple of streets away from my parents and theyve been invited round for coffee when both of them are recovered from their operations....

    as it turns out he claims to have been a sax player from back in the day who played with Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole on some of their recordings and toured with them throughout Europe and the US....
    he also says he played with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra on occasions also on other recordings for other people...

    i have tried all the usual suspects on the internet to confirm this for myself(im not saying the guy is making up stories but i'd like to know a bit more about him if this is the case)....

    he is in his late 70s and originally from Holland apparently.

    any help would be appreciated, and i suspect that if anyone knows anything that it might be Jazzbo, so come on Jazzy weave your magic for me!

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    Sorry to disappoint but I spent a solid (though happy) hour on this and couldn't find a thing--cross-checked sidemen, jazz archives, the whole ball--nothing. To be cold-blooded: he wasn't important enough to be mentioned or remembered.
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    Thanks anyway Jazzy...

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    Hope your dad is on the mend CH.
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