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    one of the fun things about music are how some songs came to be, like a group being at rehersal and chanting[doo-doo]when one said[duke]which became[duke of earl-gene chandler and the dukays]..or some guys joking around[you got a smile so bright]well when you joke around with smokey he'll turn it into a hit[the way you do the things you do[the temptations]..or a song almost getting trashed because an instrument[the tympani]was too slow[there goes my baby-the drifters]how about a young record excec calling his group back into the studio to re-record a song that was already in the stores because he wanted a different lead and a faster tempo[shop around-the miracles]Claudette sang lead on the original version, ahhhhhhhh music-ain't it grand!!!

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    My fave kind of challenge. All y'all bring your entries --I'll doctor them too. Anyway: << Mr. Chandler had a 25 year hit-making career ('61-'86), bending and transcending all those musical styles. Amazing. << Love this modernized version w/ Cee Lo Green << The one that got called back << The one we know. Wise decision. I'll spare you the Captain and Tennille's take.
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