Andreas Varady I'm tempted to call him a "Gypsy jazz guitarist" (think Django Reinhardt and Gabor Szabo) but won't because he mixes so many elements in his music. Strong streams of Gypsy guitar inform his playing--only right because he is a Gypsy--but he's taken the best from other styles too... Managed by Quincy Jones, he was the youngest ever to headline London's premier jazz club, Ronnie Scott's. Ponder this--he's 17 and playing with the likes of Lee Ritenour and Dave Grusin.* His short Wiki (but see who likes and has mentored him): His Site (where to send the fan mail, etc.): AMG on his newest:
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Some tunes: << Lovely slower treatment of a lovely song << I relate to the orangutan in the commercial << Lush 'n' lovely, this one << For an obvious reason, I couldn't not play this << He was 12. << Terrif one to leave you with

SPECIAL: him talking about himself with music interspersed:

* There's a YT clip of them playing together, ruined by a commercial inserted in it. Especially vexing because it's a great song. He appears cautious but not reverent or intimidated by those 2 monsters of music--steppin' light but steppin'