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Thread: that Renaissance man, Jose James has a new one

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    Default that Renaissance man, Jose James, has a new one

    Can't think of anyone who writes and sings so comfortably in so many styles. Now he has come out with a new CD covering Billie Holiday (that's "covering", not "aping"). Reviewers are ecstatic and, having ordered it on the strength of hearing one song, I am too. Here's the AMG review: His 2010 release doing the Great American Songbook is a pip as well but he's done lots of good stuff in the interim *:
    His Wiki: His Site: << He's currently gearing up for a 2-week Euro tour, then NYC for a solid week.

    Some tunes: << From the same session << Nobody got into the guts of a song and exposed its meaning better than Ms. Holiday...'til Mr. James (a consensus opinion, not just mine). << Not unusual for him--much of his recording is done in 1 take--a consummate artist

    BONUS: the newest CD in concert:
    * Here's Music Head's take on a 2013 disc: << But do look up his other stuff--it's all different, it's all good.

    NOTE: I say without fear of contradiction that he's the best thing to happen to American music in the last 40 years. And he's only 37.
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