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    it's always fun when a new teenaged group hits the scene,now being an[old head]I don't know who the newest teen hot group is,but here are afew that I do know...Frankie lyman and the teenagers[1956-they gave the world an enduring classic-why do fools fall in love-and then fell out of sight]...little Anthony and the imperials[1958-1965-oh they are still around today on the oldies circuit,but no hits in awhile]...the five stairsteps[1966-1968-the burke kids did ok for some years,good group]...the Jackson 5[1969-1976-took the world by storm,but the world has a short memory] edition[1983-1986-they tore it up for a hot minute and then...poof!!]if anyone wants to add some,feel free.

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    OK I'm cheating big-time here: << This being a list for moderns, you'll understand I haven't heard of half these folks.
    Now O65's nominations: I like this one too: and and

    Here's 1 candidate (and what career they've had!). Boyz II Men: and
    Here's another--New Edition: and

    It slays me that I can't include some groups--age issues. Frankie Valli was 28 when that first hit was recorded. Screw it, here it is anyway:
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