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Thread: what a diff'rence a day makes-dinah washington

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    Default what a diff'rence a day makes-dinah washington

    take about classic this one still blows me away,from[1959]the queen of the blues is in all her vocal glory here-[I remember you-cry me a river-I thought about you-manhattan-time after time-a sunday kind of love]just a great collection of classic songs sung by one of the best ever.

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    Here are those songs: << you may not agree with the Verve Remixed concept but it's brought a lot of folks to classic jazz and pop music * << not least, she had impeccable diction--she sings every word clearly **
    2 for yours truly: and

    ** F'rinstance, listening to her version taught me that the song is not about a river in Ukraine:

    I've written briefly on her, including a link to a whole album:
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