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    don't need no money,you just thank the lord,what a profound statement and verse from the classic[people get ready] it all started in[1958]and there were five group members then..Arthur brooks-Richard brooks-jerry butler-Curtis Mayfield-fred cash,who called themselves[the roosters]bad name but they changed it to[the impressions]and had a hit with a song that jerry wrote and sang lead on called[for your precious love]but a problem arose because jerry got most of the attention and his buddies didn't like it,so jerry soon went out as a solo[I wonder if he made it?]well in came[sam gooden]but no hits until Curtis wrote a tune called[gypsy woman]in 1961 and they didn't look back for the rest of the sixties...minstrel an queen-sad boy and girl-never let me go-I'm the one who loves you-I'm so proud-keep on pushing-never could you be-I can't satisfy-you must believe me]Curtis was writing and the group was hitting,but in the early sixties the brooks brothers left so the impressions became the three man group that we all know and love today,as the decade came to and end Curtis wrote more socially potent songs..choice of colors-don't cry my love-we're a winner-check out your mind,he also wrote movie scores[east of java-1968]the movie went nowhere but the song is a delight,and curtin penned the themesong for the first[miss black America pagent]one of the greatest soul groups of alltime...The Fabulous Impressions!!
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