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Thread: ARIEL PINK "i need a minute"

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    Default ARIEL PINK "i need a minute"

    ARIEL PINK "i need a minute"

    when it started i thought of Portishead immediately and i dislike
    Portishead almost as much as i dislike Radiohead!
    i was mistaken though....
    this is worse, much worse than Portishead,
    i best put on their album "dummy" so i appreciate it!
    as you can guess i dislike this track with a passion
    with its sparse sounds(not music) and its boring dreamy vocals.

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    wth was that?
    don't ever do that again
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    well, you were know i cant stand Portishead, and this one is worse than Portishead!!!!

    and, im sorry, had some really bad new ones to listen to in the last half hour or so!

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