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Thread: BLUR "ong ong"

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    Default BLUR "ong ong"

    BLUR "ong ong"

    yeh-yeh, i know....
    stupid title for a song but no worse than
    one of thier old hits called "beetlebum" or even "song2"....!
    this one is from their latest offering,which when i posted it upon
    release, i hated it, i still do....
    but upon posting the album i did also state that this track was my
    fsvourite on the album so im glad its finally been released as a single...
    this one has all of Blur's trademark sounds and the video is just as kooky
    as fans would expect....
    yeh, im glad this one has finally been released as a single....
    should be a big hit in the UK for them.

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    saw them do this on one of the late nights
    it was better than the video
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    blur is one of my favorite, great songs, and funny videos

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