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    I just signed up to share some songs and artists whom I think should be more widely enjoyed; and, of course, I hope to discover some undervalued gems that others equally feel a great need to share. I scratch my head from time to time wondering why Josh Ritter is not more well known. Check out Change of Time.

    As for my musical tastes, I like indy-rock/pop; a random sampling of stuff I enjoy: Natalie Merchant, Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Arcade Fire, Bombay Bicycle Club, Modest Mouse.

    I was wondering if someone might be able to tell me where I can read the forum rules? I didn't read them before signing up and I don't want to get banned. I got banned from another music site for "plugging a site" when I cited a website for providing me the answer to a question I had. (smh). Here's hoping I can make gainful contributions to this forum that others will appreciate.
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    yea, we're touchy when it comes to advertising
    we at least try and give you a warning first if we feel you're crossing the boundaries
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