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    Default Hello everybody!

    my name is Carlo aka Sardhouse, let me introduce myself briefly:
    Starting as a dancer and music enthusiast, Carlo was moved into music by the Nuoro's and Cagliari's DJ scene (Carlo is still living in Italy).

    Back in those early 90's, music was very exciting and vibrating even in Sardinia island.

    Cagliari city had a pretty massive Commercial and Hip Hop scene but Nuoro had a very impressive impact on Carlo because his "underground" House music scene (Deep, Garage, Hard-house, Electronic).

    Carlo started producing his own music back in 1997 but only in 2009 he felt himself ready to put some tracks on vinyl (SARD 001).

    In 2013 Carlo's life changed in discovering the love of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ: music lose is first place now but it's still an important way of expression for him.

    Last but not least, please keep in mind that Carlo is still putting all his efforts to create original / decent "non fast food" music through his own productions.

    May God bless you through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy spirit.

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