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Thread: Is this song hot or not?

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    Default Is this song hot or not?

    I don't know if there is already a similair topic about this, but i wanted to start aniways.

    I would like to share and know your opinion about old and new songs. These could be popular in a few countries or only in there home country, or not popular at all. They could be of any music style or language.

    Let me start with a song, that is popular in my home country right now, The Netherlands.

    It's an singer from Suriname who grew up most of his live in the Netherlands. His name is Kenneth Bron, but his artist name is Kenny B.

    Kenny B - Parijs

    Charted in
    Suriname #1
    Netherlands #1

    The song is in dutch. I myself listen to foreign music a lot, even if i don't know the language, so i'm curious what you think about a song in my language. Is it hot, or tot or something in between?

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