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    Hey Everyone, thought I'd introduce myself and tell ya a little about myself as well. I'm TheNeedleDrops and I'm a sucker for ANYTHING good. Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Country...I show no bias. I just want a good beat, a good vocal, and a good story. Other than that, I'm ready for anything. I love it all. I'm a sucker for MJ and Whitney Houston (RIP), but I also like me some Midnight Cinema (Thriving Ivory) and, currently, Life of Dillon. I'm the type of person who literally can have a new favorite song 5 times a week. Welp, enough about me. Thank you for having me and I look forward to chatting with you all soon!

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    Welcome to the site TheNeedleDrops! Good to have someone onboard with a good eclectic taste in music.
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