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Thread: FRANKIE & THE HEARTSTRINGS "save it for tonight"

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    Default FRANKIE & THE HEARTSTRINGS "save it for tonight"

    FRANKIE & THE HEARTSTRINGS "save it for tonight"

    i have their debut album, didnt get their second one from a couple of
    years ago but on the strength of this single i may have to add their new one
    due out in july to the 'to purchase' list....
    i had to listen to this one three times to figure out who this sounds like
    as it was right on the tip of my tongue but i just couldnt get it....
    well, to me it sounds like something Mick Jones could have sung with The Clash,
    and it is short sharp and swwet clocking in at just over two and a half minutes!
    i really like this one a lot, cool stuff!

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    I like this
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