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    magnificent is one word that comes to mind even after more than[40]years this album is gold,the chi-lites had hit their prime by[1972]and they wouldn't be denied their place as the new kings of soul,lead singer Eugene record was a master song writer and he proved it on this one...oh girl..the coldest days of my is...even their rendition of[marvin gaye's]inner city blues was a killer and a better version,if they had never made another record their place would've been cemented in soul music history with this great,great album!

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    i have one solitary compilation and i love it!

    i discovered them as a teen when i flipped over to the "B" side of a single by The Jam cvoering one of their tracks...
    loved the Jam version and sought out the original....

    here's The Jam's version if youre interested: audio link.

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    I like that whole Chicago soft soul school but the Chi-lites were the top of the heap. Philly had something similar with the Stylistics.
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