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Thread: Post a classic from your country

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    Default Post a classic from your country

    As the title says - post! Prefered in your own language, but doesn't matter that much!

    I'll start with a song from Danish band Steppeulvene called Itsi-Bitsi. It's from the 60s and is about being stoned, happy and going to Nepal.

    YouTube - Steppeulvene - Itsi-Bitsi

    The singer Erik Skalře is a Danish legend. May he rest in peace.

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    Herbert Grönemeyer - Musik nur wenn sie laut ist

    YouTube - Herbert Grönemeyer - Musik nur, wenn sie laut ist

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    Herbert Arthur Wiglev Clamor Grönemeyer (born April 12, 1956) is a German musician and actor, popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He starred as war correspondent Lieutenant Werner in Wolfgang Petersen's movie Das Boot, but later concentrated on his musical career. His fifth album Bochum (1984) is the best-selling German language record to date.

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    Dytikes Sunoikies-Don Kixwtis

    YouTube - Dytikes sunoikes Don kixwths

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