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    out of ohio came this vastly underrated soul group,three guys who called themselves[the supremes]went almost unnoticed until miss ruby nash joined them and after a name change they had some success.of course their biggest hit was the classic[our day will come-1963]but this group made some great lesser known songs..[my summer love-young wigs can fly-lonely boy-we'll meet again]by the late sixties ruby and the romantics called it a career and it's a shame because with the right production they would've went far,great,great group!

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    Can I backstop this with some tunes (I call it "putting meat on the bones")? >> A medley of their hit

    It was certainly not the production/engineering values that were missing; it was the promotion. publicity and distribution end that was lacking--probably didn't splash enough cash on the payola...
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    you're absolutely right jazzboCR, production wasn't the problem at all,this group was like the forerunner of[the fifth dimension].

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