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Thread: Letís get Uptown Funk to the top of Now Hits 101 charts

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    Default Letís get Uptown Funk to the top of Now Hits 101 charts

    Canít stop grooving to Mark Ronsonís latest song, Uptown Funk featuring Bruno Mars? Then head on over to ******* and get chatting to the DJ! Thatís right, chat live to the DJ and request Uptown Funk! Prefer listening to something else, or a song you havenít heard in a while? Then gather all your friends and family, and head over to Now Hits 101, and get your favorite song in the Top 10 chart! They have their very own music chart that is pretty much created by you, the listener! The more requests a song gets, the higher up the chart it will go.

    While you are requesting your favorite song, you may even be in with a chance of winning amazing prizes! Just make sure you are listening out for the Now Hits 101 Contest giveaways.There are contests throughout the day, every day. Just listen out for the announcements and you could be on your way to a wonderful Bahamas Island Cruise holiday! Donít want to go on a cruise? Then hang in there, Now Hits 101 radio always comes up with fresh contests, daily at ******.
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    kind of dated
    the song has been out for months and already been to the top of the charts
    removed your links for your very commercial pop radio station
    you already posted it once and that was enough
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