So, I have been trying to find good electronic songs of any genre that are similar to this one: Rizna - Distorted Lovesong (Full length) - feat.Rizna
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Reason: It made a great hit on a - not so popular - rhythm game and I am looking for songs similar to this, since it's community likes them :3

Here is another example of a song that made an equally big hit:
The Pretender - Infected Mushroom

I am showing the song above while I know it is not electronic-ish to show that fast paced songs are preferred.

More advanced stuff to locate the best fitting song:

  • >5 and <7 mins is highly preferred.
  • Song must be 1:30 - 2:30 mins aprox.
  • If it is 3+ mins, make sure I can cut it somewhere in the middle.
  • If the song is 5+ mins is must have a general variety in rhythm (not ctrl+c, ctrl+v)
  • Slow start is best 30-40 seconds is the best, not without beats though (without including possible intros that are not actual part of the song).
  • Much bass is considered mainstream so its a nei.
  • It's cool to be a remix of a song, just make sure it's catchy.
  • Songs including high-pitch vocals are generally liked by the community, so it has to be kinda... Well, cute.
  • Songs that include 1/3 beats between 1/2 are a nei.
  • Japanese songs or remixes of them (better remixes) are a yay.
  • No death metal and other heavy stuff including screaming.
  • Short and catchy audio samples are the best, it's hard to work with long-lasting wubs/basses and claps (yeah these exist O.o).
  • If it is dubstep, having the drops is closer to one another is best.

And here is another list of songs that made a great impact in said game:

  • Knife party - Bonfire (<-- Great example)
  • Zomboy - Nuclear (Hands Up) (<-- Great example)
  • [Nero vs After School - Sound In Motion vs AH (Fauxami Mashup)
  • Knife pary - Give it up
  • UPLIFT SPICE - Omega Rythm
  • HTT - NO, Thank You!
  • Yousei Teikoku - Kokou no Sousei
  • Yoko Hikasa - Don't Say "Lazy"
  • Linked Horizon - Guren no Yumiya
  • Masayoshi Minoshima feat. nomico - Bad Apple
  • Meg & Dia - Monster (DotEXE remix) (<-- Great example)

Most of them are Japanese dubed, don't mind that though, just listen to the rhythm and pace.

Q: Which game is he talking about?
A: Osu! (Exclamation point is part of the name...)

No Skrillex! He does not like when his songs are featured on the game :S