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Thread: WILLIE NELSON & MERLE HAGGARD "its all going to pot"

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    Default WILLIE NELSON & MERLE HAGGARD "its all going to pot"

    WILLIE NELSON & MERLE HAGGARD "its all going to pot"

    i mean come on....
    who else could record a song like this but Willie and Merle...
    this is good lighthearted country from two of the best....
    notice it says "willie AND merle" and not "willie FEATURING merle"...lmao!
    this song is pretty cool IMO and a whole lot better than all the other young
    upstarts who think they know what 'country' is!

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    Toby Keith explains the quality of Willie's pot! interview

    and the song he wrote after being entertained by Willie:

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    who's the other dude?
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
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    i dont know, i'd have thought you would have known the so-called 'country' artists....

    i like the way Willie is standing behind them though with a huge cheshire grin on his face......that is priceless IMO.

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