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Thread: 3 different ways you can take a song

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    Default 3 different ways you can take a song

    Pop--to fill an album; emotional rock--maybe she's been there; and OTT arena rock--which may have the greatest emotional impact (though he could keep the shirt buttoned):

    And then there's The Consummate: << Roy Orbison singing a song becomes the benchmark against which all others are judged. Any arguments?
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    all four of those versions of "love hurts" would be commercially available here in Australia for sure....
    yet youtube wont let me access them on "copyright grounds"....i dont get that????

    Roy...."the benchmark" have no arguements here Jazzy....!
    anything he sings is the benchmark by which ALL covers are compared to IMO.

    there's one song i would have loved to hear him sing though.....Neil Young's "helpless" which KD nailed and Neil's "birds"

    Neil's "helpless": audio link
    KD's version:

    Neil's "birds": live
    Paul Weller's version: live

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