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    Hello there,

    I feel that there has been a major shift from classical downloads as of Itunes to Streaming.
    I am not particularly against Spotify and co and itunes has ever been a bit too expensive but I still would like to have some of the music in mp3 Format.
    I know that most of the streaming devices offer a offline function but unfortunately they link it to their app so u will have to use your phone listening to music. This is not my way so I am still experimenting with good old capturing the radio tools and other recording software ;)

    Anyway I wanted to know how you guys are solving this? Are you completely on Spotify or like me a bit old-fashioned? If yes do you have a good and convenient (cheap) way to get to new music?
    Thanks a lot for your input!

    Have a nice weekend!

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    yes, I'm old fashioned
    I buy records and cd's and play them
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    i dont download anything....
    i listen to new release albums on Spotify...
    i buy physical copies of albums on cd and occasionally on vinyl

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    I know perfectly what you are talking about. Streaming is in most of the cases just the best thing to get all the music in a good quality.
    It is also possible to save playlists, to discover new music and to fulfill almost every need that one could have ;)
    Only in one way I am still a bit 'old-fashioned' and this is when it comes to listen to my music on the go. There are multiple reasons why I would prefer my slim mp3-player over using my bulky phone or even worse my tablet.
    Plus I am getting very easy tired of music so I am always browsing for new music.
    That is why I am using a record software called Audials tunebite to get to good music for my way to work.
    I am also using it to capture music from the charts. This is easy possible cause there is a community where users are uploading wishlists (similar to playlists). One click and the lists are integrated and will be downloaded.
    It seems as if most of the people have switched to listen to their music on the phone. Hope that this doesn't mean they will stop developing good mp3 players. Next step for me would be to have little, affordable players with good audio quality that allow you to use offline streaming as of deezer, wimp, spotify.

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