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    Hi Every one

    Im Santi Dii and I'm dedicating part of my time to do what I love, Music!
    I made a small studio in my garage and little by little I'm buying new equipment.
    Its very hard to create a name for yourself from zero but I rather die trying than not doing anything at all.
    A great opportunity came for me to show case my talents in Guitar Center's contest to create a remix of Zedd's new song I want you to know.
    My version came out so amazing that is even hard for me to believe It came out of my home studio which every thing was created by me with the only original track been Selena's vocal which was not too original cause I've changed the pitch.
    Even do my remix came out amazingly good, the only way for my voice to be heard and for me to have a chance to win is by having a greater number of visits to my page and every visit creates a point.

    You can help me by visiting my page and also tell me if you liked or not
    To find my page, just go to bing and type in the search Santi Dii and the fist page that will pop up it should me mine COVER ME ZEDD/ Santi dii , just click and listen and share if you can.
    I would post the link here but I dont want to be enrolled as spam cause It not but for some reason I got kick out from another forum page for ask for help.

    Any way thank you so much in advance and enjoy life as much as you can cause it is very short!!!

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