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Thread: The 10 Song Shuffle

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    Default The 10 Song Shuffle

    Not sure if this has been done on this forum, but anyway, couldn't be simpler.

    1) Grab your iPod or preferred medium of playing music.

    2) Put ALL of the said device onto shuffle/random (no missing out that embarrassing record).

    3) List the first 10 songs that come up in order.

    4) Highlight in bold your favourite of the selection.

    5) Next person comments on your list to make it interactive and initiate banter/mocking of the above persons list. Comment on your favourite song from the list, simply state that you've never heard any of that junk or ridicule the fact that a 20+ male has a Britney Spears song on their iPod.

    Anyway I'll start us off, enjoy!

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    I don't shuffle
    I put a cd/record on and I play it
    old school
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    Mine are

    1. Morrow - Make Them Suffer
    2. Whiskey For the Soul - Adestria
    3. The Wretched - Attack Attack!
    4. Artist vs. Who? - Secrets
    5. Meaning - I, the Breather
    6. Recreate - Born of Osiris
    7. A Moment - We Came As Romans
    8. Little Drummer Boy - August Burns Red
    9. Still Alive - Gideon
    10. Empire - August Burns Red
      Looks good right.....I definitely liked the way that ended...
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    From the Thread title, I thought we were going to be introduced to the latest dance sensation. Sadly, no...
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    Hi Toni:

    1. Looker - Tickle My Spine
    2. Opeth - Heir Apparent (Live 2009)
    3. March Violets - Turn To The Sky
    4. Art Bergmann - Remember Her Name
    5. Clutch - the Dragonfly
    6. Panic! At The Disco - Build God, Then We'll Talk
    7. Weezer - Pardon Me
    8. The Strokes - Is This It?
    9. Gary Numan - Down In The Park
    10. Electric Hellfire club - Sympathy For The Devil

    The first ten worked out so well I kept going...

    11. Exploited - Dead Cities
    12. Peter Gabriel - San Jacinto
    13. Erasure - Witch In The Ditch
    14. Paradise Lost - One Second
    15. Stevie Wonder - Living For The City
    16. Monuments - I, The Destroyer
    17. Animal (Muppets) - Wipeout
    18. Dark Angel - Time Does Not Heal
    19. Ivan Neville - Padlock
    20. One To One - Don't Call It Love
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