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Thread: SURFER BLOOD "1000 palms"

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    Default SURFER BLOOD "1000 palms"

    SURFER BLOOD "1000 palms"

    South Florida indi-rock band...
    its their third album according to "allmusic"....
    lots of typical indi/alt rock sounds on here...
    vocals on some tracks have a distinct brian Wilson feel
    and harmonies are well structured...
    album clocks in at around 37 minutes for eleven tracks which
    is quite short for a modern album, but whats the point
    of filling up all 76 minutes available just for the heck of it???
    not bad overall, but i wouldnt buy it...
    love that cover art work though...

    from the album:

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    Cool video. Thanks for posting....!!!!!
    I can't stop singing along!
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