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Thread: 11 years kiss suks

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    Default 11 years kiss suks

    spacemanii catman ii smuks sonicboom suks and whimpster mnster demonster suks

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    can you re-write that post so i can understand it....

    its obviously about KISS, im a fan of those guys and want to know what you mean?!

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    i rigged the hof and its for originals only . Betters morrison was booted betters on all their albums so they could be booted too.
    I dont like thayer being Ace Frehley , man and mensinger sinegr being Peter Criss at all 2k03ad trhee saw Peter fan of Peter and Ace.

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    Tommy Thayer is a very good rock guitarist but he doesnt have the 'flair' that Frehley had, Frehley wins hands down!

    Eric Singer is also a fine rock drummer but Peter Criss was jazz trained originally so he could bring those jazzy-fills to the KISS sound, Singer cant or doesnt do that.
    Singer is a better rock drummer than Criss but Criss had his own style...originality.

    to me personally, and ive seen KISS on at least eight occasions...
    it doesnt matter who is in the band on Drums/Lead long as Paul is out there in front rocking it up vocally then to me it is KISS, and as long as Gene can spit blood,fire-breathe and sing "deuce" properly, then it is KISS...

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