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Thread: Have anyone tried an online recording service.

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    Default Have anyone tried an online recording service.

    Hey guys, finally got a chance to prove my talent to a larger audience with a project for Icreate Productions and I was given 3 tracks for an awarness video. I think with my team right now, I don't think I can finish this inside the deadline. Came across this virtual recording experience, and sounded good for my ears and my work as well. I would love to hear from others who might have used such online recording option, and things one should keep in mind while opting for it.

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    I believe Soundcloud is a good option too, as you can have up to 3 hours of recordings uploaded there, plus there are lots more features on that site as well, such as in-between recording cropping. Anyway, congrats on your recent achievement Gladys. I'm sure you deserve it. :)
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    Try this outfit. I have used them before and they deliver good results - The other site you mention seems overpriced.
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