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Thread: jerome---- who comments negative to the electronic genre..who has one .hands up!!!

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    Default jerome---- who comments negative to the electronic genre..who has one .hands up!!!

    who has recieved negative rude comments from jerome?

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    i have read ALL the posts between yourself and Jerome....

    there is nothing "rude" in the J-Man's comments...
    he just offers opinion on music...
    if people are thin-skinned and cant take negative comments about their music, then they shouldnt be in the industry.

    reviewers of albums online and in publications like Rolling Stone,NME etc do exactly the same thing....

    there are no "facts" with music, its all opinion based...
    the only fact with music is "does it sell?"

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    yes its the same as everyother except every comment I have read of his is the exact same for the same genre...just saying...give pointers ....not run people in the ground.....I could care less what he says ...but as I read his other comments on all the posts I have read are much detailed on anyone using a geeeeetar...

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    so then I guess I feel bad if all he can reply is boring it every electroinc artist it a mental condition education?

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    laddy buck--If you think Bro Jerome is rude, you need to immediately disengage from the real world and stay in the bubble--much worse awaits you here where real folks live.
    A man accustomed to hear only the echo of his own sentiments, soon bars all the common avenues of delight, and has no part in the general gratification of mankind--Dr. Johnson
    What he said. Amen, Bro--JazzboCR

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    not rude ........just a hater -per jerome himself
    And here's the real killer - you know why I comment negatively on electronic music. Because most of the original music posted here is from electronic 'artists'. Know why? Because it's just too damn easy to sit behind a PC, press a few buttons, and copy and paste some samples together and call it a composition. When they pick up an instrument that requires skill (piano, guitar, whatever) they then realize what it takes to really compose. If they tried that first and then moved on to synthesizers they would have a far greater appreciation of what composing is all about. The market is flooded with copy and paste artists and that's why that particular type of music is so disposable - it has no shelf life.

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    like this guy

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    Jerome is not being a "hater" as you put it....
    he is expressing an opinion about those 'copy and paste' guys who have no musical expertise other than pressing buttons on a computer....
    whose who have no musical talent with intruments and composing,which incidently, is what making music is supposed to be about....

    theres some questions you need to ask yourself....

    will these remix-guys still be doing what theyre doing in fifty years time?

    will their music(sounds) stand the test of time and influence others to pick up instruments decades down the track?

    i suspect the answer to the two questions above would be "no",
    theres no new musical ideas happening here, nothing is being created,just twisted around and turned inside out....
    do you think the likes of Paul McCartney would still be selling-out stadiums at 73 if he had simply remixed "yesterday" over and over again for the last 50yrs???

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