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Thread: Har-Bal 3.0 Mastering Demonstration

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    Default Har-Bal 3.0 Mastering Demonstration

    This is a song Mastered by Paavo Jumppanen using our software Har-Bal 3.0. Additional engineering input by Earle Holder

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    Har-Bal 3.0 Mastering Demonstration is really impressive, now i have got the idea about online mixing and now, my all songs are good. really helpful!!!

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    How about talking about music and forget "pimpin' the merch"? You are better served putting these notices on a musician's Board, not this listeners Board. Talk to us about something that means something to listeners--like how to strip out AutoTune and return that music to its native form, as rough and untuneful as that might be. Otherwise adjourn to adjacent stalls in the men's room...and pass notes under the stall walls.
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