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Thread: America's premier vocal group

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    Pretty bold statement with the Manhattan Transfer, NY Voices and others still around but: Take 6. 35 years of making great music in Gospel, pop-jazz and Soul, done their way which is frequently a capella. A Wiki: Their Site: What AMG thinks (their header sentence captures the essence.): << 13 albums in 27 years, and as many stars as are in the sky...All of them are good but get up to speed quickly here: << covers the 1st 20 years Another way to look at "Greatest Hits" is their take on others: << A terrif CD, packed with guests. >> Both these mentions together can be got for about $15 +/- from the Usual Suspect

    Some tunes: << Nifty vid on how they build a song, voice by voice. << Short course in Take-6-dom << Mr. Wonder has been a frequent collaborator << Bookmark this for Christmastime--you won't find better << With the Yellowjackets

    BONUS: A CD from '88--they were in the vanguard of going digital beginning to end: << Put this on and your party BG music is made...
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