Bro MH keyed me to this with this: Here's some others currently pursuing this near-forgotten American music branch: Commander Cody & the Lost Planet Airmen and the Hot Club of Cowtown --q.v. on both but here's CC's Site--

My man CC: << Funkier, jazzier than Ray Benson << Any body knowing who that smaller singer is, have her get in touch with me. << Yes, I've smoked for 55+ years and, yes, I have emphysema which will kill me eventually and, no, I have no regrets and no compunctions about suicide. Any other questions? << My man knows what's important...and how vexing a lack can be.

HCC: << Pretty darn close to what it's all about << from the same televised gig <<For that Special Chicago Woman << They do nice things with this Django Reinhardt Gypsy jazz piece.

Their Site: