Electronic-keyboardist Russell Suereth (pronounced sue-reth) makes the most incredible-sounding music, probably like you have never heard before, on his new album, SPIRITUAL HAVEN. It starts with the haunting, lonely sound of a bassoon on the first piece before being joined by some synth strings and the most unusual percussion. The album is full of very out-of-the-ordinary world-beat rhythms plus a lot of oboe and many other instruments (including a duduk which is yet another woodwind). The music is melodic one moment and ambient-with-a-rhythm the next. Give it a listen and let the music float over you like a lightly-pummeling massage. This is boundary-pushing music. As you may have gathered from the album title, Suereth is apparently trying to make a musical haven as if you were on a retreat in a far-off land, meditating, fasting, praying, zoning, whatever. This music definitely takes you a place you have never been before. What you do there is your personal business, but the stage is set.