Dan Kennedy is a masterful pianist. His new CD, BLOOM ROAD, proves his skill as a pianist, synthesist, composer, performer, arranger and producer. On some tunes Kennedy plays the piano very delicately, but then turns around on the next piece and strides along forcefully. Sometimes he plays slow, other moments are uptempo, with both hands very active, occasionally playing simultaneous counter-melodies, plus he presents great dynamics and some multi-sectional pieces.

If you have not already heard some of this great music, do yourself a favor and search it out on the internet (you can usually hear samples at cdbaby).

Kennedy plays some solo piano on the disc, but on other tunes he is joined by Charles Neville on sax, David Rose on flute and Greg Loughman on bass. The material is melodic, but not written in a new age pop style. It is a little more free-floating than that and has some surprising twists and turns along the way.