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    Hello everyone,

    My name is Airidas, i'm from a little country at east Europe called Lithuania, i just randomly stumble at this little place, while lurking over the internet, and though why not give it a try and join in.

    As a person i'm calm, chill and maybe introverted for the most part, though i'm huge fan of discusions.

    As far as my music taste goes i'm a fan of lyrical, instrumentaly driven or punchline heavy rap music, clasic rock, jazz, some blues and clasical music. Though i listen to a little bit of almost everything.

    Nice to meet everyone.

    P.S. My English may be off sometimes (most of the time :) ), it's not my native tongue.
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    Your English is just fine and will get better with more study and practice. I am a huge fan of the Baltic countries for the courage all 3 have shown (Estonia, Latvia and your country)--each is different from the others, of course. Anyhow, MD is a great place to explore all sorts of music, especially those you want to examine/listen to further. Post your favorites please so we can learn. "Each one teach one."
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