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Thread: Born into a Nashville pickin', writin' family

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    Default Born into a Nashville pickin', writin' family

    Genes and environment do have meaning but you gotta make it on your own. How's that for a platitude? Yet William Tyler brings that to life. Beastly good, inventive guitar. His Wiki: His Site: His pre-solo groups are worth a look q.v.

    Some tunes.: <<Intense. Guitaristic. Natural/organic. << Charming bit of narrative beforehand << Sure has fingerpicker's nails... << The comparison to guitarist Sandy Bull is wholly apt << Mr. Tyler is sly in getting in some phrasing from other tunes--there's a place near the end where you can sing"...I see a red door/ And I want to paint it black..." and it fits perfectly. << Tough to see him in a band situation--who could follow his reasoning?

    NOTE: You have to listen to every second of his playing; you don't know where he's going next. I was sorry to see this Post end.
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