and used on 2 of his '90's recordings, the Phantom Blues Band is one crack outfit. It starts with the organ/voice of Mike Finnigan * but every player is excellent. Their playing is in-the-pocket and unpretentious. As they all have busy individual careers, they've only recorded 3 times in 6 years **; every one is a 4-star affair: Their stuff is pricey: Ron Weinstock's blog reviewed their middle album: Their Site (includes links to the individual musicians + other good stuff):

Some tunes (I'm gonna go long):
CAUTION: This has some stinging political cartoons: << Backing Taj Mahal and Jon Cleary

* Mr. Finnigan was covered here: << Item #8
** A wild card is a job backing Barbara Blue: Some tunes together--nice mesh: and and << YT has others