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Thread: The toughest guy in jump blues and boogie-woogie

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    Default The toughest guy in jump blues and boogie-woogie

    Don't take my word for it: His Site: The Amazin's love him: He's lived in Vancouver, BC for a long while and identifies himself as Canadian. A Wiki w/ reasonable Discog:

    Some tunes: << Utterly classic, expertly played << The uploader mentions 3 other pianists--q.v. on those << Love to have a club like this in my city... << Same venue, same date << I know you're keeping time by clapping, right? ...and the bolder are singing along... One terrif medley, you betcha << Here's the version you want...and will come back to. << What a great outing this was! The lads and the 'rads had a real good time.
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