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Thread: Inmotion's first song - feedback greatly appreciated!

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    Default Inmotion's first song - feedback greatly appreciated!

    Hey everyone!

    As I'm not that new here :), I wanted to share a bit of music by Inmotion, my band

    For an introduction, our music is strongly rooted in the progressive rock/metal tradition but spiced with many other influences from several styles (avant-garde, jazz, classical, etc, etc).

    The song here is the first we're showing to the world. It's called "A Life Recalled".

    If you like it, feel free to share and join Inmotion's channel on Facebook You can also visit the website if you wish.

    Hope you enjoy it and any feedback or comment is certainly and greatly appreciated

    See you there and thanks for your attention!

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    The official video for A Life Recalled has been released

    Hope you enjoy it and as usual feedback is appreciated :)!

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    Nice track but the video is not so good imo, doesn't really look professional enough for being a official video. But it's your first song so still good job!

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