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Thread: Backing track player Android app for KitKat+

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    Lightbulb Backing track player Android app for KitKat+

    I have created specialized backing track player for Android with features like auto-pause function, auto-remove track after playback function(optional), sd card access on all Android versions and support for remote Bluetooth pedals like bt-105.

    - support for bt-105 and other bluetooth remote controllers/pedals
    - read external sd card on all devices(incl. KitKat+)
    - auto-pause
    - font size change
    - drag and drop playlist items
    - multiple playlists
    - auto-remove finished tracks
    - very clean interface and dark theme

    App is called "Backing Track Studio" and it supports all android versions.

    It's available on Google Play if you happen to need one.
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    New features have been added to the app. If you were looking for lyrics feature it's now part of Backing Track Studio! Lyrics view is very clean, user friendly and you can customize many options such as auto-scroll speed, font size, delay before scroll and view mode.

    Check out free version of Backing Track Studio - it allows you to try out all the features before buying.
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