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Thread: The biggest problem with American pop music is...

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    Default The biggest problem with American pop music is...

    ...The folks at the top of the escalator aren't hungry enough anymore--they are carried along by the machinery and with rare exceptions, dare not protest. The folks in the Brill Building era had no more freedom of song or how it was done but our era's Big Macs have so much more power and reach--Autotune and the execs have cast a pall of bland perfection on everything, and the struggle to be the best genuinely musically has gone under. The grey-faced suits have conquered the mainstream--play their game or get consigned to the margins. Creed Taylor came close to this supremacy of sound in Jazz in the '70's-'80's. Which is why I so enjoy the music shows from wherever--these folks haven't yet been ground down to the "what sells" mold. I like mistakes happening and spirit shown--it's just so rare in the mainstream anymore. End of rant.
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    i hear ya....preach that message messenger-jazz!

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