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    TOBIAS JESSO Jnr "goon"

    online spotify listen....
    i picked this one purely for the guys name..Tobias....!
    i figured if the music is as unusual as his name then its gotta
    be worth a listen...
    and im proud to say i was correct...
    lots of piano based ballads here...
    i can here a lot of Lennon on this one...
    ie: Lennon's piano based tracks from the early-mid 1970s...
    even Tobias' vocals have the same dreamy feel of Lennon...
    plenty of general 1970s piano based tracks also, drop more similarities
    like Neillson,Cocker,Elton etc...
    songs are deep,dark and full of dispair like the Lennon stuff also...
    this is fantastic IMO...its on my "to buy" list this year!

    from the album:

    "without you" audio link
    "how could you babe" video

    heres what "allmusic have to say about the album:

    Review by Marcy Donelson.
    It's inevitable that Tobias Jesso, Jr. will be compared to '70s singer/songwriters with the unabashed, snark-free, open-hearted lyrics and piano-thumping tunes on his debut, the recent-breakup-inspired Goon. It conjures the era's mellow, synth-free AM pop and the essence of songs like Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful," Elton John's "Your Song," Harry Nilsson's "Without You," and Carole King's "It's Too Late." A guitarist by experience, his piano skills aren't up to those of some of these pop legends, or the vocals either, for that matter, but that's part of what makes the record work in the way that it does: it's imperfect and feels impulsive. Album producer Chet "JR" White leaves in mistakes and human elements, which aids in the effect. If not for the presence of strings and double-tracking, opener "Can't Stop Thinking About You" (produced by Patrick Carney of the Black Keys and the Rentals) sounds as if Jesso sat down at his favorite aunt's piano and just started pouring his heart out. His uber-poignant "Without You" (not the Nilsson song) represents the album as a whole: there aren't more than a couple, mostly production-related surprises in the song -- the chords and verses and modest drum parts (played on this song by Haim's Danielle Haim) fall where anticipated -- it simply rips at the heart with its plainness, directness, and sincerity right from the opening, "Why can't you just love me?/Should I move on or should I wait?" Ariel Rechtshaid (Kylie Minogue, Usher, Vampire Weekend) produced the song and keeps it simple, sparse, and wistful. Not every song on the album is a breakup song, but they are all about relationships and matters of the heart. "Hollywood" is about shattered dreams, "The Wait" is about the search for someone new, and "Just a Dream" is a father's lullaby to his newborn after a dream about an impending apocalypse. The Randy Newman-evoking "Crocodile Tears" is uptempo and playful but still about perplexity and vulnerability. There's not much one can do to deny the emotional weight or the eerily '70s character of Goon; it's probably best to settle into the La-Z-Boy, flick feathered hair off of your polyester lapel, grab a box of tissues, and let it be.

    here's the "allmusic bio page for Tobias:

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    seriously guys/gals...
    give this one a listen, i thoroughly recommend it.

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    very nice find
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    Oh yeh....
    I knew it would hit it with you MH

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