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Thread: please help i have problem with some chords

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    Default please help i have problem with some chords

    I am studing Kenn Chipkin’s real blues and now I have problem with a beginning of advanced blues rhythm guitar part. I was study about it and now I have real problem about the chords here
    Now consider to an A mixolydian scale and chords that is depending on it.the problem is difference between i made and what is in the book . I showed the problem as two connected little Circle in the picture. For me myself the chords progress about mixolydian is something like this(part one in the picture)
    Part one is triads on mixolydian
    Part two is adding seventh notes
    Part three is first inversions

    And when I compare my result and what is in the chipkin’s book I have a real differences here. For example after inversions and for first chord(all the chords have different but I consider the first chord because of time) . the chord is consisted of
    C#-E-G-A but in the book I find its consist of C-F-A what is the reason of differences.
    I cannot solve the problem did anyone think about it before? Please make me clear. I am beginner and I really eager to know about the reason. Please help me
    Forgive me for my any dictation or grammatical problem I am not native.
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