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Thread: KnucklBusters (or variant is a popular band name

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    Default KnuckleBusters (or variant) is a popular band name

    Here's some from some: << I went cruisin' and what gold I bring! Butt-tight, totally pro "corner tavern" band--no reason to expect them to be this good but that bass line will be sampled... << Imagine coming on them unknowing--hairs stand up on the back of your neck and you want a place at the bar closest to them...

    Google links them with this band--can't find anything on them--comments/ info eagerly solicited Plain Jane: and << I meant to cruise for 5-10 minutes; stayed the whole time. Dance music but not just. Great cover of "Back in the USSR", etc. from the Beatles catalog. Pt. 2 << OK in a "get you through taking the drag out for a weekend night" kinda way.
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