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Thread: RACHEL PLATTEN "fight song"

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    Default RACHEL PLATTEN "fight song"

    RACHEL PLATTEN "fight song"

    single debuts at #35 in Australia this week...
    i had to Wiki her to see who she is exactly...
    was surprised to find she released her first album 2003...
    doenst look like this US vocalist has ever found her niche in the marketplace
    as she really hasnt had any chart success...
    i like this one, has a bit of a "Fun." feel happening...
    i hope this one actually gets some recognition and sales!
    here's her Wiki:

    i found a live acoustic version of this one on youtube also...
    love Rachel's vocals and vocal tones...
    anyway, heres the acoustic live version: live clip

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    She has her "Fight song"; I have mine:
    Fight songs aren't "I've struggled mightily against nearly-overwhelming odds but I will go into myself and likely prevail"; they're "I'm gonna smash you flat, suckachump"--Testosterone 's gotta play some part in this discussion. Just as men have some estrogen, women have some testosterone--guys run through brick walls behind a piece like this: << Take away our offenses, please, but don't take away our defenses.
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